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Author: Èric Agustí

On the day of the presentation, agricultural technicians and producers in Almería familiarised themselves with the environment, the characteristics and mode of action, experiment results, doses and use of the T34 Biocontrol product.“Almería is the epicentre of winter production given its agricultural system with high technical and economic performance, which makes it a point of international reference.” Joan Prous, Director IQV Agro España  ...

IQV Agro España has come to the greenhouse region in order to listen to the opinion of farmers and technical staff regarding the T34 Biocontrol biofungicide product, and the outcome has been very positive.Farmer Ana María Muñoz, with more than thirty years’ experience, emphasises that T34 is beneficial for the prevention of root diseases and states that “when transplanting you can see strong root growth and plants have more vitality”.  ...

A group of horticultural technicians and distributors from different parts of Spain visited the province of Almería to test the uses of T34 Biocontrol on site.This group visited greenhouses and nurseries in the countryside of Almería in mid-May to observe the excellent results of this product which has been used in tomato, pepper, aubergine, melon, courgette, pumpkin, cucumber and lettuce nurseries and greenhouses. ...